PVP Water Filtration Bag


A water filtration bag made along the style of the Military/Millbank Bag.
Designed for initial filtration of water taken from a suitable source, it will remove course down to fine gravel/sand likely to be in suspension in the water as well as plant life, insects etc.
The bag is designed to be soaked thoroughly, by submersing and squeezing under water,
The bag once full should be run to waste until the level line on the bag is reached, then the remaining water is collected in a bottle or other container, this water should then be boiled or treated with chemicals.
This process also works as a pre filter for potable water filtration done with a pump.
Once the bag is drained it should be turned inside out and washed/rinsed and left to dry before packing away.
If the process is slow the soaking and squeezing under water should be repeated.